May 9th, 2001


Anyone have any idea's on how best to play a Malkavian in Vampire? I've played the game quite a bit, but never a Malk. My GM blind sided me with the embrace, and I'm now I'm stuck as a Malk.

My gut instinct is to go to the DSM IV. Any other ideas?
Alec Ross JLA


I've found a copy of the Heropress Rules (Being used in a goth game in Wales)

So in the near future (once I've moved house) I'll be looking to kick off a new heropress world

Heropress was a set of PBM games set in the same world it had at it's height about a dozen DM's running about 80 players in different settings around the world (UK, USA, Japan, Russia, and my game in Australia plus a couple of alternate universe games)

This time up I've a real fancy for running a South African game

So I'll be looking for players and DM's for it once I've got the core set up. (I can hardly wait)
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