May 8th, 2001

on Powergaming

okay.. i just came back from the comic bookstore and have this little exchenge to show why rifts is so misrepresented....

*me looking at the Xiticix campaign book*
PowerGamer: Hey you play rifts?
Me: oh yeah great system...
PG: what you looking at? xiticix? oh we wiped them out in our campaign
me: (mentally: WHAT THE FUCK!) really how?
PG: We scared them fought into a rift and dropped a neutronion bomb
me: (mentally: SCARED XITICIX!! WHAT THE HELL!!) oh wow.. how did you beat them back? there is nothing they are afraid of..
PG: We were using robotech robots, 40 ft. tall robots man, they'd be afraid of that.
me: (mentally: ARRGHG!! dude that's identical to a human attacking an under ground hornets nest and trying to wipe out the bees with a freaking firecracker!!!) really? wow...

so in conclusion, this guy was a dumbass, his gm played xiticix completely wrong, for one they fear nothing, like bees, secondly, they are fooking underGROUND HIVES!! guess where nuclear bomb shelters are.. and thirdly, they would be soo overrun with xiticix, by the time they even entered the xiticix territory, they would be dead before they reached the freaking towers..

the moral:i don't mean to inflame or piss people off but this is one of my gripes.. powergaming breaks up families and hurts loved ones...
check out rifts humor pages about munchkins, if you come close to that, you win.

I need some help !!

Hey everyone , I need a little help here . I am looking for 2 fantasy/rpg related pics. the first one is a pic of the 2 headed , sun and moon snake standard from the movie conan the barbarian. The second is a pic of sorceress Ultimacia from Final Fantasy 8 . Prefferably a screen shot. Just so you all dont think I am deranged , I need these pics for my next set of tattoos. I want to get the snake one accross my back , and I want to get the tattoos that Ultimacia has on her arms done on the tops of my shoulders , where the bone sticks out. Any help would be realy realy appreciated ,
THANX and stuff
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