May 7th, 2001

foam finger

Take two?

::chuckle:: This is amusing. Surely there must be someone out there who's played GURPS and has a comment? All I get is BlackManxy telling me he doesn't like it 'cause it's easy to abuse. (thank you for your reply, by the way. I've looked at it and made it a little bit harder to kill people. Using a D20, for instance, means that they will definitely have to up their skill to hit anything consistently.)

Please. All comments are welcome, even if they're derogatory.
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So is this cool, or am I just a geek?

So, since my wife and I are moving in a few months and I'll be assembling a new gaming group, I'm taking the opportunity to make some tweaks and changes to my homebrew D&D campaign world. I'm really pushing the cultural differences between human nations and the various nonhuman races (a la elves, dwarves, etc.)

Well, it occurred to me that different cultures train in different methods of warfare, and different weapons. Something that's an "exotic" weapon for a human may not be for a halfling or an elf. So I've just compiled a chart of every weapon listed in the Player's Handbook, and listed what category it is--Simple, Martial, or Exotic--by race, rather than assuming that a rapier is always martial or a spiked chain is always exotic.

Think that's bad? I'm giving some thought to going back through and dividing them even further by the different human nations, though admittedly I'm not sure it'll be worth my time to do that, since the human nations aren't necessarily that different (at least not in the area most of the stories take place...)

So like the subject says--is this a cool idea, or am I a serious dweeb?
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