May 5th, 2001

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Hey I'm new here and I have a question. My players really want me to run a D&D game (they want 3rd, but they'll play any iteration) but I have NO ideas of what to do. Any ideas? Any source books or anything that could help? I already have the base three books for 3rd ed., but that's it for the new stuff, plus a variety of second and first ed material.
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Big Damn Heros

the Metabarons

I just picked up the Metabarons RPG from West End Games.
Based on the Metabarons comic books. I have not read any of the comics, but I'm going to go track some of them down. The universe has a real Mobius/Heavy Metal feel to it that I really like.
I'm also a fan of the d6 system. This game is completely compatible with my four and a half tons of Star Wars d6 stuff. That means that I can draw from the multitude of Star Wars vehicles, ships, and equipment, as well as aliens and adventures. Some of the Star Wars stuff will need a flavor overhaul to fit, but really it should not be a problem. The Psionics of Metabarons are a simplified version of the Force in the Star Wars d6 RPG. The two systems (Psionics and the Force) are not 100% compatable, but they are close enough.
The Rule Book itself is beautiful! Its hardbound, 288 pgs. of full color and amazing art work. It looks every penny of the $30 retail price.

I do have several problems with the game that I would like to address. There is painfully little universe information in the rule book. They provide a few pages of the most generic information you could imagine. It is obvious that the Matabarons universe is well developed, and deep. I don't want to wait until 2002 for the Universe guide to find out just how detailed. Also, aliens and mutants, to staples of the Metabarons universe, are ignored entirely.
I also don't like the concept of Necro-Dream points. Apparently, in the RPG, apathy is the greatest evil threatening the PCs. Future Shock, Mass Consumer Culture, and the relentless, mind numbing drone of the Media corrupt and numb the senses. A cool idea, but one that should be role-played, not rule-played. Simply walking by a blaring holovid set requires a Willpower roll to avoid gaining a Necro-Dream point. Necro-Dream points used in the same way Dark Side points in Star Wars, and they should be run the same. Rather than gaining Necro-Dream points from mass media, they should be gained when one acts against their code of honor.

All in all, I like the game. The omissions aside, a good GM can find enough here to run a great game.
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