May 4th, 2001

Alec Ross JLA

It's not all Spandex and Giant Robots !

I thought I'd see if anyone here has any bright ideas (I'm doomed already).

I was sorting out some old floppy disks and found some of my old heropress stuff.

Heropress was a Superhero pbm game that ran in the UK with Fantasia magazine acting as a center for the game (printing what was happening in each area and articles each issue.)

I'd quite like to take part in something similar (I used to DM Australia but now I've more ideas for something dark and urban in South Africa)

So anyway the point was does anyone have a copy of the old heropress players rules or know of a suitable rules system for this sort of endeavor?
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On the 3rd edition is kinda like GURPS thing...

About two months back, maybe not back quite that far, I got fed up with levels and classes. Completely. I think I finally broke when one of my players wanted to make a swashbuckler. Now, there are rules for swashbucklers. There's a prestige class, etc etc... But you just don't get the rogue-ish skills you need from the prestige class or the fighter levels you have to take to get to the prestige class with any speed. So my player took levels of fighter, even though he played his character as way more of a rogue; rarely got into fights, always trying to sneak, often running away from a battle which my other players were involved in...

And I said to myself, "Self," I said, "your players deserve better than this. You deserve better than this." So I swore that I would never use a class or level based system again!!!!

Unless I felt like it.

Or someone else was running a game using one.

Anyway, I decided to hop over to GURPS. But I didn't really like the 3d6 system for everything or the fact that it only uses d6's. I mean, what the heck am I gonna do with these 15 pounds of other dice I've got here? Eat them? Maybe. Did that anyway, on occasion. I also didn't want to scare off a lot of the people who had only played D&D, or worse yet, ONLY 3e.

So I figured I'd modify it slightly and have it use a D20 for skill and stat checks like 3e. I just up the difficulty by roughly 10. Bam. There ya go. All that d6 stuff for weapon damage, turn it into d4's and d8's and d10's, etc.... Not too hard.

I know this isn't going to be perfect, especially the first few games. And I know GURPS uses a system very dependant on the bell curve, but I don't think it will be a big deal. I mean, these are people who've played 1st level thieves and had to pick a semi-difficult lock.

Also, I thought I'd use the stun damage rules from the supers book and give everyone twice their health in stun. Subdual damage is subtracted from stun, stuff like magic missile is too.

Does anyone have any helpful comments or suggestions? Especially on spell conversion? I think a lot of the D&D spells are going to have a pretty high cost (but that explains why you only get to cast a few a day, huh?). I visited the GURPS Runelands site, but everything save the main page was down.

So.... any ideas?
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