May 1st, 2001


Fantasy Races

Well, Mouseferatu's earlier post on gnomes kind of got me thinking about your typical high fantasy races and such. One thing I've always wondered about is why humans are always, in science fiction as well as fantasy, the essentially "average" face. And beyond wondering about it, I found it actually kind of annoyed me. It really diminishes my interest in the fantasy race when I realize they're just cutesy-looking (or sometimes ugly) humans with a couple racial personality traits blown out of proportion. (Yes, I realize there's more to fantasy races than this. Yes, I still think it's their basis and so yes it still bothers me. No, I'm not going to argue about it.)

However... I still like fantasy races! What to do? What to do? Well... I did a couple things. Which is to say, I created the basis for two different worlds. Now, one of these worlds ceases to present humanity as "average," giving them a distinctive niche that goes beyond versatility and average-ness. I may or may not detail how I dealt with the races for this idea in another post, but the way I was creating the world was such an odd spin on fantasy, that I don't think I'll do it here.


And now, nearly an hour later, I realize the other is too long to be posted here as well. At least in a single post. After I write more of it up, I'll be posting it in reply to this message, probably in installments.
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