April 29th, 2001

This is ridiculous!

I know we've seen complaints about WotC's prices before on this community, but here it is again.

I was ecstatic when I saw how cheap the three core books were for D&D3. $20 a pop? Outstanding.

I figured they'd have to make it back later, but this is insane. The "Hero Builder's Guidebook" was $15 for something half the size of a Dragon Magazine. "Sword and Fist" and "Defenders of the Faith" are both good books, and I'm not sorry I have them, but I think $20 is excessive.

And now the new campaign setting. "Kingdoms of Kalamar." It looked interesting when I heard about it. I wouldn't mind having it.

But $35?!?!?! No way, at least not any time soon. It's not as though I'm in dire need of a campaign setting--I'll put my own up against Greyhawk or the More-rotten Realms any time--and I'm sure not spending $35 on a curiosity buy. Heck, even if I was in need of a new setting, I wouldn't drop $35 on the sucker. I can get an entire game from White Wolf or Chaosium for less than that price.

So tell me--am I the only person here who's really getting fed up with these prices?
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