April 17th, 2001


D&D Songs

A lovely local pop-punk band called The Huxtables has a rocking song called "Dungeon Master"-

He said he rolled four twenties in a row
I told him That's impossible
Your dice are loaded and youre trying to cheat
so I ripped up his character sheet
He cried Oh no what have you done?
My little team never hurt no one!
I kicked him out, said Tell all of your friends
that I am the master of the dungeon.

That's all I can remember. It might be on Napster somewhere. I recommend you all give it a listen.

Seattle LARP thoughts

Ok, here is what I am thinking about this. Kevinand I were discussing a possible vamp LARP.

I think I would like to run one, but the start would have to be invite only so that the core players could be solidified before the rest came in. I'm a harsh bastard when it comes to STing and I don't want to lose faith in the game early on because of poor choices by foolhardy players.

Here is the run down of my thoughts on the game. Feel free to comment and stuff. THESE ARE ALL PRELIMINARY!

Player Characters will be an equal mix of Vamps and Ghouls. Ghouls can politic just as much, if not more, than vampires.

The Traditions will be stringently upheld.

The Prince will be an NPC and quite powerful.

There does not need to be a representation of all the clans in the game.

Caitiff are not welcome, nor are independants.

Sabbat can go and suck my left nut, this will be Camarilla.

The primary conflict will be between players. No stupid plots, no weekly sabbat incursions, no mummified kuei jin with fae powers, mage spheres, and shapeshifting abilities causing havok in the city.

Prestation is VERY important in this game. If you don't know what that is, chances are you wont survive long in the game.

The Harpy is not an 'official position'. No one bestows it. The Harpy is just someone everyone goes to for rumors. When the ST's see someone as filling that role, they will tell him/her various extra rumors to gossip with.

Again, the Traditions will be stringently enforced.

If anyone kills the Prince in an attempt to gain power they will really regret it. Archons don't like it when Camarilla members use Sabbat tactics.

Want power? Politic!


Number crunchers will be treated as such, and crunched. I want to give as much opportunity for RPing as possible, and twinkie number crunchers ruin that.

"Come now, don't throw someone out of Elysium for breaking the rules. That causes too much disruption. Just insure that they never make it home."
- His Highness, the Prince.

It would be Friday or Saturday night. I know, that interferes with dancing for some of you and you will be missed. But those are the best days for me. Saturday is preferable. The location will probably be the Wintergardens in Bellevue or somewhere else nice.

Here are the available clans, not all need (or will be allowed) to be represented: Ventrue, Tremere, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Brujah. That's it. I know that bloodlines, Gangrel, Independants, etc are really cool. I love them too. But they are not in the cam and hence they are not PC's.

Me = Game ST. I am going to take care of story issues, setting the world up, setting up the heirarchy, and dealing with what happens in the big frigging umbrella. I'll fuck you, but it will be more like orgies and gangbangs.

Kevin = Player ST. He is going to be the one who deals with your plots and issues. He will be the one that gives you that personal touch when he fucks you.

The Prince is a Malkavian who took control of the city from Anarchs in a VERY bloody war. The childer rose up against their elders. Very few Elders survived. Seattle was declared Anarch. And then suddenly the Prince and a few retainers struggled to the top of the heap and destroyed ALL the anarchs. He is a very powerful and highly bloody prince. And everyone knows this. He makes Logan (the prince of Chicago) look like a pussy.

Y2k was when it all went down. There has been a year and a half of combat. About 4 months ago Seattle was declared anarch and no cam members were thought to be surviving. 3 months later all of the anarchs started to die and the Prince and 3 of his coterie members emerged, bathed in blood, and rid the city of Anarch presence.

Now there is a power vaccum in the city.

Mood and Theme

Fear. Elders fear a second uprising in the city, childer fear the might of their elders coming down again. The whole city has been bathed in blood once before and no one seeks to attract the attention of the Prince who is clearly capable of destroying kindred on a whim.

Tradition. This prince is a known stickler for tradition. There have already been some kindred who have balked at his old ways and then mysteriously disappeared. This is not without good reason. The previous Prince was lax, and now he is dead.

Greed. There is much power to be had by enterprising Kindred in this city. Greed has brought you here.

Distrust. How can one Kindred truly trust another? It is impossible. Your greatest enemies are your allies. While they help you to your feet they also put a knife to your throat.