April 3rd, 2001


question on technique

alright, here is the situation:

i play with a group that is fairly young and immature. good enough to roleplay decently, but usually games turn to hack and slash until after the 5th session everyone gets bored and we move onto a new adventure series(not really a campaign if you never finish one)/gm/game system.

so, here is my dilemma. trying to make the best out of what i have, because it is all i have since all my alternatives are worse, i am going to try to play to their interests. the campaign i want to run is a very serious one based on amnesia. basically the pc's will find themselves in a prison complex type thing, with a very high tech level, and they'll find out things on their own. of course, at first, they won't know why they're in there.

the twist in this campaign is that they are all actually powerful psi's, who have all specialized in a specific area. everyone else in the complex is an enemy of the state, but for one reason or another, they are the most hated by the government/corporation/whatever.(this campaign is still kinda sketchy, could you tell?)

my question is, how best to distribute powers? i want to make it so everyone has a power they like and no one ends up being bored out of their mind with something like psychometry (oo, you mean i can touch things?) one bored player can really ruin a game pretty quickly, brings the mood down real fast. at any rate, i'd like to let them pick their own, but of course that would give away the suprise. but everything else seems to give a chance for them to be jealous/bored/angry.

any thoughts?