March 16th, 2001

Space Monkey

Life, the ultimate roleplaying experience

A notion just struck me, as they frequently do. This is not a particularly new notion, just an expansion on previous ideas.

What if life were really a roleplaying game? What if it is?

There's been all this talk of "armageddon" and the whole end of days thing that's supposed to decend upon us right around now. That'd make a pretty good plot device wouldn't you say (it works for White Wolf)? Everytime we die, make a new character, hence reincarnation. This also explains why some people speak of past lives that are way off the scale of what they currently are. Some people are just better roleplayers. And you can even categorize peoples occupational choices to what kind of gamer they are.

Police: Rules Lawyers
Politicians: Power Gamers

I think it's a kinda cool idea personally. I think I could live contentedly knowing that my life is part of the greatest roleplaying game in the world. And hey, it just might be.