March 13th, 2001


The Endless Sea

This is part of the background for a game I'll be running soon. Most of the cultures in the setting hold deep superstitions regarding the sea, believing it is closely tied to the primeval Endless Sea from which the world was raised. Tell me what you think. (This is posted in both my own LiveJournal and on the Roleplayers Community.)

Legends say that long before man or beast walked the earth, before there was even earth to be walked upon, there was the Sea. Cold and dark it stretched, without shore or island to break its waves, unperturbed by the sun or storms overhead. In this sea lived not only the many fish and scuttling crabs we know today, but many more that remain unglimpsed by the human eye. Among these nameless creatures dwelt the Cold Ones, the first children of the gods.

The Cold Ones, like men, sought to learn what they could of the world around them. In learning, they grew knowledgeable but not wise, and in their knowledge they grew arrogant. No one can say what the Cold Ones looked like for they rejected the bodies that were given to them by the gods and took such forms as they desired. Slowly, their appearances varied and they became ever more hideous. When at last the gods could no longer stand to look upon them, they cast the Cold Ones to the bottom of the sea, banishing them from sight until the gods’ anger abated. But by then, it was too late. When at last they relented and sought to teach their children instead of punishing them, they found the Cold Ones had turned their sightless eyes and wordless mouths to the worship of the ancient beings that dwelt in the blackest recesses of the Sea. The gods, dwelling in the sky as they did, were too far away to pull their children from the relentless grasp of the ancients’ coils and so, with grieving hearts, they knew they must start over.

And so they raised the First Land from the Sea, drawing up the mountains from the ocean floor and breaching at last the wall between Sea and Sky. They scoured the land with rains, cleansing the ancients’ taint, and baked the land dry beneath the sun. They drew up the first plants from the cooling soil and set down the first animals to walk among them. And once all this was done, once the First Land was ready, they gave this land to the first of their new children and counseled them to hunt the beasts of the forests and till the soil so that their minds may never turn to mysteries they weren’t meant to unravel. So was created the First Tribe.

(Yes, I know "Cold One" is what they call those stupid dinosaurs in Warhammer. I don't care.)
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