March 12th, 2001

Educating those that do not understand

One thing that angers me about the RPG community as a whole is the readiness and willingness to jump on and attack those people who attack you. I was recently reading through past comments here on the community and I came across Jamie's comment about "Bible Thumpers" and how they are stupid. This is in regards to a Chick Productions tract that was extremely anti-gamer.

Well first I will start by saying, sorry, but we at the community have been discussing that one for a year now, so your just a little late. In fact, PvP got involved and created a really awesome parody of the strip, though it was taken down out of good taste.

On to your comment about Bible thumpers. Well, I will have you know that I am incredibly religious. In fact, so much so that I am in Catholic Seminary to become a deacon. I would have been a priest, but then I found my fiancee Claudia. I play games. In fact, I am pretty damn sure that I play and have played more games than most of you. My RPG library is about as large as my holy books library (and that is quite extensive). Been gaming for 13 years now. I ask that you be careful when you attack someone with a Faith. Especially those who are ignorant to the hobby of gaming. When you insult them, you are stooping down to their level and becoming just as bad as they are.

Most people who attack the hobby are ignorant of gaming. They do not understand what it is, and what it involves. They attack the role-players because of this ignorance, as we often attack what we do not understand. We find it "cool" and "funny" to make fun of these people. This is the kind of behavior that makes people leery of gaming. Why would you attack them back if you had nothing to hide. I have a great idea! Instead of making fun of those people that trash the hobby, why not educate them. Show them what gamin really is. You never know, you might find a new gamer in the mix. That is, at least, the mature thing to do.

White Wolf's new Mummy

So does this thing look like Circle Jerking to you guys as well? I mean, it looks kind of interesting as far as the setting, but it seems like White Wolf is just doing the same old thing. Anything that involves the East, the Middle East, or Aztecs are going to sell because it calls to the gamer gene that says "Ooooo! Exotic!" but really looks like the same old thing with a different location.

What do you guys think?