March 7th, 2001


Hola all,

I found this community, and managed to discover how to join it. So, now I guess that introductions are in order. My name is Brandon Lance Quina, and I'm from the small town called Jacksonville in the beautiful state of Florida. I'm an avid roleplayer, and have been for longer than a decade now. I started off with D&D, moved on to a large number of other games, before finally settling on two basic game systems. White Wolf, and Steve Jackson Games. I.e., GURPS and Storyteller. The 3rd Edition of D&D has made it a 'trio' of systems, as I've more or less come full circle and returned to the game that I originally brought me into the hobby.

I currently do most of my gaming online, via the IRC servers. Currently, I'm playing a game on the DALnet server in a tiny channel called #Ullis that is pretty much empty except for the two nights when something happens in the room. Those nights being Friday and Saturday; if anyone wants to drop in, those two nights, 6pm or later EST is probably the best time to do so.

Currently, I'm running an Aberrant game -- White Wolf's realistic 'people with superpowers' game, basing it around the whole 'What would you do with the power of a God?' type theme. I'm big on storytelling and themes, and am something of an amateur writer of fan-fiction and more original stuff.

Only got two players for the online game, one of which has a very restrictive schedule. I'd drop him, but sadly enough I have a hard time finding replacement players.

I'm also running a Vampire: the Masquerade PBEM, but it's been teetering on the edge of Oblivion lately. Not enough players who want to post regularly. Oh well...

In any event, enough about me -- I'm gonna lay back and see what kind of interesting stuff pops up here in the community. Nice meeting you all.
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