March 5th, 2001


obsessive or dedicated?

So I'm in a Hunter game. All of us are playing high school teachers.

The other day, I (the real I, not the in-character I) sat down to check my e-mail. And there was one with the subject line "Aaron Wells and Lauren Roth," sent to me by samfoster123 (we're both on AOL).

So what, you ask? Well, Aaron and Lauren were two students of mine in the game who were attacked by a zombie-type thing. Aaron died, Lauren disappeared. Sam Foster is another of my character's students.

Mouseferatu, my ST, set up a new AOL screenname so he could send me an in-character e-mail. I understand printing up newspaper articles for us to read, which he did last week; it's much better than reading aloud, and it's nice to have the copy, and if he even went to the lengths of interrupting it in the middle with "continued on 22A", well, it was cute. But I was rendered speechless by this e-mail.

So what do you think? Do we applaud him, or send him to the nuthouse?
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