March 1st, 2001

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I just kind of stumbled upon this community today and I think I'll pull up a chair for a while.

By way of introduction, I'm Katherine. I've only been playing tabletop RPGs for about three years, though I've known gamers since I was in grade school. In my short time gaming, I've played (in order) Gamma World, AD&D, Rifts, Chivalry & Sorcery, GURPS, Vampire, and the new 3rd Ed. D&D. I've DMed Nightbane, Rifts, Heros Unlimited {oddly that's all part of one very strange and long standing campagn}, Warhammer FRP, Star Wars (the West End Games incarnation), and 3rd Ed. D&D. I think that covers it all... *grin* My now husband, you see, is one of those old crotchety gamers who has been playing for decades and gets bored quickly. No one around here like that I'm sure. *smile*

My profession is writing, or as our finance guy puts it "the non-income earning spouse." Therefore it has fallen upon my head to DM for my hubby. Actually, up until a few months ago, my only experience was being a single player or the DM of a single player. Just him and me. For learning a game system, and the finer points of RP, I'm not sure there is any better way.

Back in December, my husband and I founded a gaming group at a nearby comic store. Most of our players are in the 12-14 yr old range, reformed Pokemon/DragonballZ players. Aside form two faithful souls that show up every week, the kids come and go as their interests dictate. I guess two future tabletop player are better than nothing, yes? It's sometimes hard to get anything beyond hacking and slashing from them, but they're getting the hang of stuff. It's just nice to see so much enthusiasm.

Enough for now. It's time for me to stop procrastinating and get back to writing.
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