February 9th, 2001

Arisato Minato
  • freyis

hi all

hello all, was looking through old lj comments and someone mentioned this community to me.. since ive been roleplaying for a few years thought id join. so.. yeah. hi and stuff:)

anyone here live near santa barbara by any chance, or run a pbem game? there arent really any rpers that i know of in town here anymore.. and crpgs are all good and stuff but lack the freedom and creativity.

Today's game

I am SOOOOO damn hyper right now. I started the game tonight. I am high from caffiene and lots of drugs. Perhaps not the best way to start a game... for instance it wasn't ANYWHERE near as dark as I am used to running. I just could make it dark, I was way too bouncy. But the game was a lot of fun. :) I am a happy camper. The players are great, fantastic even, and I think they make a very convincing (if small) pack. Here is how today panned out for our intrepid heroes.

Brad = School Jock
Ana = Goth chick, annoying
Eva = Gutter Punk
(Yes, they are similar to the breakfast club)

All of them were in school and causing various acts of trouble. Basically, all being outcasts and pissy. They ended up getting busted and everything went black. When they woke up they found themselves naked, covered in blood, and in an alley. After panicking for a little while they tried to find clothes in a dumpster and ended up wearing trash bags and other assorted pieces of crap (I hear it is all the rage in france). Then they wipe off as much of the blood as they can and find out from a car radio that the police want them for a school shooting of 25 kids... their parents are also missing. Minor panick moment. They decided to try to steal a car. Manage to break in, Brad beats the shit out the steering column with a brick and then Eva twists wires together (getting shocked a lot) until something works. Meanwhile Ana stands guard and nearly wets herself. The car starts and Brad attacks the sports shop right next to the car, steals some clothes, and jumps in the back. Ana is desperate to go the forest but no one else wants to go. First they try to find a safe house in North Portland, doesn't happen. So finally they go to Washington Park and ditch the car. Ana walks into the forest with a glazed expression on her face (being very gothy) and Brad follows her with a tire iron, grumbling and bitching about his lack of shoes and how much he hates the forest. Eva freaks out from being alone and follows a little behind. They find a big tree and curl up underneath it, Brad still freaking out about the animals etc. They start to hear noises circling them, then they smell hate, then they hear growling as wolves start to circle around them... herding them. Eva breaks for it and a wolf hops right on her tail as she tries to climb a tree and fails (getting bitten). Ana freezes and does nothing while Brad loses it and legs it out of there. The sound of Eva getting bitten and torn at yanks him back to reality and he turns around to save her just as she panics and starts running towards the city again, screaming. Ana is still frozen and is now getting harassed by the remaining wolves. Brad charges one of them (yes, they passed their WP checks) and tries to whack it in the head with the tire iron and manages to get clotheslined by a crinos werewolf instead. Ana freaks out and legs it, instinctively shifting to lupus. The crinos leans over Brad and roars (brad succeeds on his WP check... bastard) and whacks the crinos in the Jimmy with the tire iron. This takes him by suprise. Brad tries again and fails, then finally falls to panic and runs screaming towards where the others went... being chased and herded by the wolves. Eva breaks out of the forest and is immediately hit by a limo that screeches to a halt. A gorgeous red head steps out and grabs her body. Ana bursts out of the forest, and goes catatonic (can you blame her?). The red head knocks her out and chucks her in the back of the limo. An enormous hog.... we are talking HUGE... pulls up and an equally large man climbs off it and walks into the forest armed with two shotguns and a grin. He pushes Brad out of the forest and goes to battle.

Inside the limo, they meet a long blonde haired guy with a laptop who introduces himself as "Crash" and his redheaded companion as "Mercedez". He begins inserting electrodes into Eva (who is all mangled) and starts to type rapidly into his laptop... the bones knitting before everyone's eyes Ana wakes up, starts screaming again, and is knocked out by Brad. All appreciate it. On the way out of there they meet Penthanol who is driving the car and appears to be the leader.

The car stops at the KOIN building, Ana is a little calmer and Eva is healed. Brad still looks highly confused. They go up to the top and enter an office. They shower and get some clothes from their helpers. Want to know what is going on, etc etc. The people identify themselves as Glasswalkers, explain the basics of shapeshifting, realize that they aren't GW's and that they are Silver Fangs and send them off to Cannon Beach to meet Yevik Korsca. They go to Canon beach, search and manage to figure out a way to find this guy... stumble onto the caern, nearly get killed because they didn't howl a greeting (they didn't know they had too) and are welcomed on the caern begrudgingly.

That was it. I have to say, it was a stellar group of RPers and I feel bad that I am so drugged up and hyper that I couldn't give them my best. Ah well, there is always next week. They were all /fantastic/. I am well pleased. :)