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Thursday, February 1st, 2001
2:36a - Mage Larp...
About the upcoming Mage LARP system.
I play in a LARP on occasion in Philadelphia. It's a mainly vampire based game but has aloud Garou in the last year or so. There are about 150 people that play, but even the Garou are crippled by there numbers being under ten or so. This is necessary for balance though. Also "realism." Even one Live action Mage could destroy the whole game. Imagine it taking maybe seven games of tough play to get to level five of a sphere and being able to walk into the room full of vampires and say "I AM THE SUN!!!" or the equivalent, which is well within possibility. I think that in my particular game Mages won't be allowed... and major league crippled if they are.

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