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Tuesday, January 30th, 2001
4:18p - Laws of the Ascension
So are any other LARP folk as weary and hesitant to see this book come out as I am? It amuses me, after all the time the LARP developers at White Wolf said that this would never come out, here it is. I guess the all-mighty dollar can be more important than integrity after all.

I know a lot of players in my circles that have been praying for this day for years. It just scares me really. How many Vampire or Werewolf games are going to be thrown completely out of whack by PC or NPC characters made from the Mage rules now? I know maybe I shouldn't pass a judgement on something I haven't seen yet, but just the idea alone doesn't sit right with me.

But then again, there's huge numbers of people who want to play rock-paper-scissors to throw a 10-trait fireball I guess. Paradox be damned.

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