January 26th, 2001


My garou game

[This is what I sent out to my players. This is generally what I always send out and it works out well most of the time. Feel free to look through it and criticize it or give me suggestions. I would post some plot here, but then the players might see it.]


I am going to make this a highly inclusive pack oriented game, meaning that if your character dies it will be tough to bring in a new one /and/ chances are the other characters aren't going to bond with you that well. So keep your character alive, please.
Good characters are what drives games. So I'd like well thought out characters, and ones that you want to play for the long haul.
All characters are going to be 13-15 years old to start with.
All characters are going to be pre-firstchange.
Cheesy concepts and bullet shaped characters bug me. Make a real person.
There will be a definate slant towards the psychological aspects of being a monster and I've altered a few things to represent that.
No characters are going to have any previous experience with the supernatural, it gets messy if it is any other way.


THE WORLD (read this before making your character)

We are in a world of darkness, it is similar to the world that we see in front of us... but in the same way that a satire is similar to the reality. Here the cities are over crowded, dirty, crime ridden holes that stretch their fingers into the sky. A thick sheen of smoke covers everything and it is impossible to maintain any sort of cleanliness while within its boundaries. There is a thick divide between the classes. The rich control everything, looking down at the poor masses on the streets. Poverty is rampant and many do not even realize they are in poverty, believing themselves to be middle class. Corruption is so common it isn't even noticed, people are too busy trying to survive to spend time caring whether one politician is corrupt or not. Outside the cities are a different matter, though the places of the wild are shrinking due to population growth, the forests are still places of fear. On the TV you are bombarded with images of the savage wild. Animals hunting other animals on learning channels, animal attack shows on regular broadcast stations, etc. The forests are places of fear for most humans. There is still a dark and terrifying element to them. Everyday another species is lost forever because of human expansion. Meanwhile human children die of starvation because their parents couldn't find work. People live on the streets because there isn't enough housing. Hate is common in these times. There is no room and tensions are high. Murders are commonplace, especially in the summer. All the world seems to be in decay and the air is ripe with death. The earth itself seems to be trying to kill off the louse infestation of humanity, the summers are scorching hot while the winters are filled with long periods of icy stagnation. Everything dies here. And this is the world in which you live.


CHARACTER GEN for 13-15 year old humans

Attributes = 6/4/3
Abilities = 11/7/5
Starting willpower = 1
Freebies = 21
Backgrounds = 2

Don't worry about rage, gnosis, or other post change stuff. I'll take care of that after it happens. Make your character before making your character sheet. A solid character is more important than dots.

Your smell and hearing have always been very keen. Although scent is very important to humans, it is more so to you. I'm sure that you've met someone who just smelled right... ::grins:: I'm dating a girl who always smelled like happy to me. Well, compound that. You could always tell who you would like and who you wouldn't by scent, though you might not have realized it was scent... you might have thought it was just intuition. But any scent is very strong to you. All characters are outcasts, as well. (a side effect of the rage). Everyone can sense there is something not normal about you and either fight with you or just flat out avoid you.

Of course you want to know what your character looks like, its name, family, mother, father, etc etc. But here are some extra things you should think about to help flesh out your character. The better fleshed out your character is, the more realistic and fun it will be to play.

Of the following, what would describe your character best: Warrior/Strategist, Historian/Tale Singer, Judge, Mystic/Intellectualist, or Inquisitive Jester

What is your favorite subject in school?
Do you play in any sports?
Have you ever done anything illegal?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your hobby?
Do you respect your parents?
Do you respect your teacher?
How do you deal with the spurn of your peers?
What do you do for fun?
Have you ever acted out violently?
Do you respect the US government?
Do you think that law/rules is absolute, or something that can be bent?
What is your favorite piece of clothing?
Who you do look up to?
Who you do wish you were?
What do want to be when you grow up?
How are you dealing with your new found sex drive?
If you could choose your eye color and hair color, what would they be?
Have you ever seen a member of the opposite sex naked?
Who is your favorite band?
Do you like the forest?
Where are you most comfortable?
Do you like the City?
How old are your parents?


Think of as many of these questions as you can. At the end of each session I will ask a random question like this, an immediate answer will get you an additional XP. Know your characters. ;)

If you need more help with character concepts etc, please ask me for help. Also, I'd like a character background from each of you as soon as possible. Who is this person, where does s/he come from, etc etc etc Tell me what makes this person so interesting? Make real people, not gimmick characters. Let me know if I can help at all. Good characters = Good games. :)
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Avon's intro (testing...testing...)

Hi folks,

It seems people on this community post intros. So, here's mine. :) I've been tabletop gaming for ten years now (almost exactly, come to think of it!) And in that time I've played mostly GURPS and White Wolf (of all and sundry flavors) with occasional forays into other systems like Call of Cthulu and so on.

I spent may years MUSHing - playing on some worlds, wizarding on others. Right now, I am not really doing much of that, though.

For the last year, or so, I've been running a tabletop game set in the world of the Matrix and that has been a lot of fun. I am just starting my second "long" cronicle in that world. (I've been running "long" cronicles, with continuous characters. Interspersed I run one shots, designed to fill in some of the back story of the world.)

I love to play. I love to storytell. I love to WRITE for my stories and characters (though recently most of my writing energy has gone into the far more banal world of dissertation writing.)

Speaking of which...I should get back to work. :)

playing through the change

This was inspired by inevitability's latest post.

There was a time, several years ago, when our group toyed with the idea of doing a Vampire game as ourselves, pre-embrace, and then playing through the embrace and resultant events. We chickened out.

Thinking about it still gives me chills. I don't think I could take having to do that - having to detach myself from my family, maybe watching as people I care about are hurt and killed... it's just too much.

But I still think it was a neat concept. Maybe someone else could do it; if so, I'd like to see it.

The RP industry...

(For those who care, this is being posted both on my personal journal and the RP Community...)

Well, FASA is closing its doors. One of the older role-playing companies, FASA is best known for the game Shadowrun. The game itself isn't dying--it's been sold to someone else, though I don't recall the name offhand--but the company itself is dead.

This just a few months after Iron Crown (who owned, among others, the Middle-Earth RPG) also shut down. Even the industry giant, Wizards of the Coast, recently laid off 150 people (which is only about 10% of its staff, but still...)

So what's behind all this? The new D&D game is selling phenomenally! The new Player's Handbook sold more copies in two months than the 2nd edition PH did in its first year. So what's the problem?

The problem is that the RP industry bites lemur ass when it comes to drawing in new blood. The vast majority of their support comes from loyal customers. The age of the average role-player is rising; old players leave the hobby, having burned out or "outgrown it" (hah!), and there aren't enough newbies to make up the shortfall, let alone increase the fan base.

Part of it is advertising. When was the last time you saw a commercial or an ad for D&D or Vampire that wasn't printed in a magazine devoted to role-playing?

Part of it is reputation. It's not as bad as it used to be, but gamers, in the eyes of much of society, still have "geek" branded across their cheeks (you decide which pair of cheeks) like the brand of a pissed-off cattle rancher. And let's not even delve back into the whole "satanic" bullshit, which has faded away but refused to die, lingering on like the tuna melt with onions you had for lunch.

But part of it is our fault, you know. There's a bad habit that's prevalent in the RP community (I don't mean on Live Journal, I mean in general). We discourage newbies. We scoff at their lack of knowledge, find their questions annoying, turn them off the hobby. After all, there are zillions of videogames just waiting for them, and the Nintendo doesn't tell them to bugger off.

Not saying anyone here, specifically, is guilty of this; just that it's a tendency to watch for.

Is there a point to this? Hell no! This isn't one of those damn high school essays with five paragraph structure and a section blocked out for "conclusions." I just felt the need to get all this down on paper--or electrons, as the case may be.

So, to the role-playing companies and the role-players both...

Let's fix this already!!!!!
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Ok, so this has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was funny.

Apparently, the livejournal spell check has more than a passing understanding of White Wolf.

The options it gave for Mouseferatu (which obviously it doesn't recognize as a word) included:


Pretty apt, eh?
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