January 25th, 2001

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Yeah, eh. Hi people. I'm Suzy, and I'm addicted to freeform roleplaying.

It all started out when I was in 5th grade, and I discovered AOL's roleplaying chatroom. I made a character, and delved in. I had never roleplayed before that. I'm a junior in high school now, and I've been freeforming since then, and doing D&D and Shadowrun since about 8th grade.

Seven years as a freeformer? Four as a tabletop gamer? Whoo. I just realized that. But while I play D&D mainly because my other friends are playing, I freeform because it's my passion.

I can't stop. And I don't wanna. And please, feel free to gimme a holler, an email, an IM, whatever, if you're looking for somebody for a storyline. Thank you. Adieu.
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I had my first TT experience on the weekend... the 5 other guys in the group didn't have a huge idea about the game (V:tM) which got annoying at times, coz the ST had to keep stopping and explaining stuff... and on top of that was a shitload of OOC talk...

I'd say, in 6 hours, about half of that was actual rp.

Just thought I'd share *s*
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Hello, all...

Time for my introduction, I guess. :)

I have played D&D off and on since High School. I have also played the Star Wars RPG (the "real" one from WestEnd Games :) and a little bit of Marvel Superheroes.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to play anthing for quite a few years now because of a little annoying thing called a career.

To get my RPG fix, I play a lot of D&Dish computer RPGs. These days what I am really looking forward to is the release of Neverwinter nights because if it works the way it is supposed to, I can leverage two things I like (computing and role-playing) to create some (hopefully) cool adventures for people to enjoy via NWN. This assumes that NWN doesn't suck of course... *crosses fingers* ... and that I come up with interesting enough adventures that people will want to play... *crosses... toes...?* :)
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