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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2001
10:34p - Damn computer...
Wasn't done yet, didn't mean to hit "post", grumble, grumble, mumble...

Ah, heck with it. Since I'm making such a sterling first impression so far, I'll let it lie. There's more I could say, but let's not overwhelm everyone all at once, right?

Besides, I'm looking sufficiently like a dingus already, I should think.

current mood: embarrassed

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10:53p - Allow myself to introduce... myself...
Well, this being my first post here, I guess I should tell you who I am. I'm Burgundy's brother; the one whose DMing habits she was commenting on earlier. Heh--she thinks the characters have been screwed up to THIS point...

Quick (or not so quick) background. Been role-playing since 1983; I was about 9 at the time. My favorite game would still have to be D&D, simply because I'm an ENORMOUS fan of fantasy. Following a VERY close second is Vampire: the Masquerade. I play other games--some Star Wars, a bit of Werewolf, maybe a sprinkle of ShadowRun here and there--but those two are far and away the most frequent. I'm running D&D almost to the exclusion of everything else these days, primarily because most of my current gaming group isn't interested in playing games as dark as I feel Vampire should be.

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