January 21st, 2001

I am Jack's gaming self.

Hey all. My name is Harlock. I work for sciencefiction.com in their role-playing department as the RPG Reviews Editor. I just found this community on LJ, and thought I would drop a hello.

I have been playing RPGs since I was very young, maybe 9 or 10. Mostly just DnD at the time and RIFTS. At the end of High School, my parents threw all my RPG stuff away. I still played, just didn't own any books. When I moved out, that changed.

Today, my library is quite extensive. It includes (but is not limited to): Feng Shui, Unknown Armies, Gear Krieg, Tribe 8, Heavy Gear, Call of Cthulhu, Dune: CotI (Limited Edition), all 3 editions of (A)DnD, GURPS Illuminati, GURPS Black Ops, Ars Magica, Amber: Diceless, Star Wars (WEG and d20), Fading Suns, 7th Sea, Vampire, Mekton Zeta, BGC, Cyberpunk 2020, DSA and more...

I look forward to the postings of the community, as a good RPG community is often hard to find.

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So has anyone ever found one of these games that was any good? I've tried one and, well, it sucked ass. I've got a yearning for a Werewolf game. Not a "We're going to stop the apocalypse" bs kind of game, but a "How do I deal with changing shapes at 15 years old... how do I deal with becoming a killer..." kind of game. Incase you haven't noticed from my posts, I'm a fan of psychological horror. Anyways, currently I am looking for any venue to play... hell I'd even run a table top game but there are very few good table-top RPers who would be willing to commute to west seattle... :(
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just sharing.....

very few games, in my experience, are worth more than a 30 minute drive or so to attend. i had the incredible luck to attend one that was well worth the 8-hour round trip drive last night. yeah, i'm a junkie, i never claimed otherwise.

a highly amusing scene to share.

the cast:
shalimar. a wandering catiff, born gypsy and famous through the camarilla for her "insight" into difficult situations.
prince jonathan croix. newly installed ventrue prince, recently orphaned by a sabbat attack.
alexander. the prince's 'brother' and seneschal.

the scene:
the prince holds his first primogen meeting. shalimar obfuscates herself and listens at the door. after the meeting, the prince and his seneschal speak in private, regarding shalimar's presence in the city, among other things. then a pair of tremere knock at the door. they state their business to the seneschal, who relays it to the prince. let them in, says the prince, then bring me the girl. as the seneschal escorts in the tremere, shalimar, still obfuscated, slips in and sits on the couch. the tremere present their business and leave.

the prince orders his seneschal to find "the girl," at which point, shalimar pops out of obfuscation and says, you mean me?

seneschal grabs her by the throat and pins her to the wall....prince pops majesty and holds a 9mm under her chin. why? he hisses.

which question are you asking me? i know you have many.... replies our insightful intruder.

all of them.

why am i in your office? because you requested my presence.

the prince looks at his seneschal. she speaks like a tremere.

*grin* it was great. ga (who played the prince) is an absolute wonder to rp with. =)
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So here's the backstory - some years ago, my game group played our first game in Selion, a world my brother created (this is D&D). It was a looong campaign, and we got really attached to the characters. Part of it involved a group of artifacts of big fuck 'em up power. We did a few more campaigns in this setting - one with more or less the same characters, one we called "Selion the Next Generation," with the original characters' children.

Anyway, now we're playing "S2K", Selion 2000 years in the future from that first game. And the artifacts are back, and we're trying to get them so that the bad people can't. There's just one unaccounted for. Well, an NPC cast a neato spell so that we could see what happened to it in its last known location. So we had a special one-time game where we played the original Selion characters, several years after the end of our last campaign with them, and at the end of the game we (the older characters) had the artifact and had to figure out some way to hide it/get rid of it. Is this making any sense?

What this ultimately meant is that, in the "flash-back" episode, our characters had to take a course of action that would make things harder for our current characters - the better we hid the artifact, the harder it would be for us to find it in the regular campaign. Our mage ended up casting a vanish spell and sending it to one of the moons. Made great sense at the time, but how the hell are we supposed to get to the goddamned moon?

This is how we know that my brother, the DM, is what is known, in technical terms, as a 'bastard'. I must admit though, I am highly impressed. I mean, any unsophisticated cretin can screw over the players. It takes a real pro to get the players to screw themselves over.

But really, for all my bitching, I'm enjoying this. Besides, assuming we manage to get their and survive, my character's going to have a serious religious experience - she's a paladin of the goddess of the moons. Actually being on one of them is going to just blow her mind.
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