January 19th, 2001


I'm relatively new to RP games. I've been gaming with my group for about a year now. Several years before that I played D&D for awhile with another group.
We play WhiteWolf every Tuesday. We've played Vampire and Mage. We have four different chronicles we're working on right now.
I've played Toreador, Ventrue, Malkavian and Brujah, and I have a Verbena for the Mage campaign. We're hoping to start a Hunter game up soon, and our storyteller has asked that I play an Avenger for it. *grin*
I have one "twink" character who developed by accident. Honest. I didn't intend for her to be a twink, really. It's just that her Sire is out to kill her, so it seemed likely that she'd work on picking up new stuff so she could take him. And since her sire is an Infernalist who actually owns shares in Hell, it just seemed like she'd pick up all the Disciplines she could get anyone to teach her. I'm not a Power gamer! I swear! *lol*
I have the distinction of coming up with one of the cooler Dominates in my group: "Deal with it!" to a character who was suffering an identity crisis big enough to drive him near catatonic. The Dominate necessitated an Nature-change. *grin*
Well, nice to meet you all. Let's Game!
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Mummy: The Resurrection

Has anyone seen the stuff for the new version of Mummy that White Wolf is going to put out this year on their website? Go see it now, tis neat.

I'm really excited about this. Mummy is one of their books that I've read cover to cover in every edition. While yes they are powerful, I never understood the revulsion people tend to have towards them. Sure, they have icky powers, but can also be killed with one gunshot (well, at least the body can be). It's always made me sad that no one would let me LARP one. Heh. Oh well.

Year of the Scarab promises to be interesting at least.
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