January 16th, 2001



Am I the only one who loves to hunt Kender for sport in D&D games?

"Come here you little theiving bitch, I've got a big shiny present for you." ::hides battle axe behind his back::
jayne and vera


Figures I screwed up the Dawn link. Here it is again.

While I am here, I totally forgot that I used to Free Form RP on AOL's Red Dragon Inns. As I said, used to. Ever since they went Unlimited Time it seems that the open rooms declined. There are very few good players there now. I know a couple of them, but I just havent had the time to sit down like I used to on AOL and play the night away. I really should but then again I wont get anything else done. Especially if Dawn comes alive.

Anyone remember paying hourly for AOL?

what, an intro?!

alright, seeing as how everyone else has given an introduction to themselves and what they do, i guess i'm somehow obligated to do the same. i'm Drake Warren, Raven Drache, The Blessed Reverend Breakfast Fajita, Jebus, the second coming of Christ, and a myriad of other characters. My main game of choice is Vampire The Masquerade, the Live-Action roleplay version...right now i'm looking for a decent LARP game to play in. The clan of my heart is the Assamite clan (all hail Haqim), though i also have an endearment to the Malkavians and the Salubri. I think that might say something about me...i'm not sure...c'est la vie...

I also play D&D fairly regularly, with my character type of choice being either your basic rogue or your basic monk (the 3rd ed. monk is so sick, but so sweet...) I stand by my record of never having had a character die before the campaign died off.

Other games i've played: GURPS, Heroes Unlimited, i play-tested briefly a system that was devised around the Final Fantasy system (it was pretty cool, the DM on the other hand, seemed to disagree...), Magic The Gathering, and a spattering of RPG games on console and pc...

I tend to enjoy the darker games, the techno-cratic games, and the more political games over hack-and-slash and the stereotypical fantasy game.

So here i am. :)

BTW, just call me Raven...