January 15th, 2001


"'ello." "Did you just say 'hello'?" "No, I said ''ello'."

I'm Eliza.

I hate tabletop because of my limited attention span, and have only been able to play a handful of successful WW LARP characters. Again, it has to entertain me.

I'm picky and easily distracted. If I'm not getting a hell of a lot out of the game, I don't attend.

I used to do quite a bit of online freeform on Undernet, but my pet RP channel went down and was never resurrected, and the others sucked the left one. So I quit.

Then I got into MUSHing. That lasted a month or two; I eventually got sick of the freaking power-tripping wizards and the shitty gamers. It wasn't worth slogging through the 12-year-old LORD nerds looking for TS and the ban-crazed SysOps looking to run you into the ground with their god characters just to get to the good roleplayers. And I recognize that they're out there...somewhere...I've just lost interest.

So. I'm on this list more because I was invited than anything else. If I do ever find another worthwhile RP game, maybe I'll be able to post something applicable here. In the mean time, I'll probably just pop in now and again to agree with inevitability.

I love Malkies, too.
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Just thought i'd post and introduce myself.

I've been in the gaming hobby for around sixteen years or so. I've played everything from the original D&D to Vampire. Lately i've grown away from table top though. Mainly I play LARP vampire now(my current character has been in play for two years). Most of my gaming days were spent as the GM because that is what I prefer to do.

I dont do any of the computer "RPG's"(I guess companies figure they can get more people to buy their junk if they tag the label "role-playing" on it). I guess i'm just from the old school of thought(how can it be called role-playing if all you're doing is playing on a keyboard. Not really any interaction there).

I have more dice than I care to count(and of course the good old Crown Royal dice bag which is ten years old now. Maybe I should replace it).

I love good old dungeon crawls(some of the new in depth character stuff just makes me bored. "Can we just roll up characters and get into the game already? You've been working on your character for two hours now." And of course ten minutes into the game the persons character, which he spent several hours on, will get killed **I get good laughs out of that**.)

I survived the gamers are geeks and nerds phase of the hobby(I dont know if it's still like that as I dont pay much attention to what other people label me. I think the hobby has gone to the mainstream and "cool" phase though**maybe?** Thats kind of a horrid thought though)

Well i've been up for a couple days now(insomnia) and I think it's time to try and sleep again.

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jayne and vera

Hey There!

And now for my introduction.... Thanks to Inevitability for the invite... :)

I first started playing D&D in 1980. I played all the TSR ones back then. Gamma World. Boot Hill. Top Secret. I loved Star Frontiers. And then, went on to AD&D. I played Battletech as well, though I liked the novels more.

I did the Ultima Online and EverQuest thing too. I am signed up as a Beta Tester for Dawn. It looks good so far, but I am wondering if it will ever get off the ground. I am muddling about with Diablo II but there isnt any role playing in that.

I do happily run Call of Cthulhu. And I was able just lately to get a group together for that and a D&D group. So I am able to do what I enjoy.

With great joy, one of my friends brough his girlfriend to the gaming table. She never played before. Any RP game. And I got her hooked on CoC. With a little more practice she will get the hang of D&D as well. I love breaking in new players.

I also Live Action RP at LIONE Rampant in Conneticut. I been playing that for quite awhile (atleast 6 years)and find it thoroughly enjoyable. There is nothing like putting on cold chainmail in the middle of winter early Saturday morning.

Enough for now...

(no subject)

Me and the Hulkster refuse to introduce ourselves. You shall remain in the dark until such time that I.. y'know. Say things.

Okay, I lied. I've been playing AD&D since.. five year ago? Maybe six. Seventh grade. Shadowrun for five I know of, and Star Wars once, maybe twice.

The general consensus about halfings: Get them drunk, feed them to something.

Anyway, yeah. Hi.
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