January 14th, 2001


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autumn is: terribly hungry

so um... hi hi hi there. I'm autumn, and I roleplay. I figured I should at least post once or twice in here, if I plan on being a "community member" or some junks. I also hate how people think that Malks shoud be silly. I want to shoot them in both their feet. Malkavians -can- be silly, but not running around sucking their thumbs in pajamas asking for their mommy silly. We're talking the running around sucking a severed thumb in bloody pajamas asking for their mommy silly. That kind of "what the fuck!?" funny. Yeah... I like that sort of funny. Woo.
sephiroth and mlp? wat do


If I am posting here, it must be my turn to do the intro thingiee. :)

I got introduced to roleplaying by a couple of friends from my church choir (if you can believe that) to AD&D when I was 13. I'd tried earlier, but my mother is one of those people who think roleplaying is satanic. Oh-kay, Mom.

Well, thirteen years later, I've played Palladium, Rifts, White Wolf, AD&D, Twilight 2000, Amber Diceless, and a couple of other, smaller titles (like The Whispering Vault). I don't get to play a lot--there aren't a lot of gamers in town, but I do run a Mage: the Ascension game on AOL, and I've done at least one LARP (with my best friend, he runs the Garou LARP at Carnegie Mellon U. in Pittsburgh).

And apparently, I'm damn good at playing a Toreador, or so I've been told. I dunno. :) When I role play, I do it for my own enjoyment. If other people also enjoy the game, great for them. If I don't enjoy it too...why the hell should I do it in the first place?

Maybe we all should start up a game? ::chuckles::

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Time for the obligatory intro, I guess.

For all that I've been playing for 7 or so years now, I consider my experience fairly limited, because except for 1 abortive campaign (as in, we only did 1 game of it), I've only played with 1 group. The membership's changed a bit, but the core people are the same, and 9 times out of 10, it's my brother who's running it. Within that context though, I've played D&D 2 and 3, Vampire, some silly Marvel game years and years ago, Aberrant, and I'll be playing in a Star Wars game in a couple of months. I made up some Changeling characters once, but never got to use them. Like I said, limited.

D&D gets a lot of bad press, but it's no worse than any other game as far as I can see - it's all in how it's run. If the DM and the players just want to do hack n slash and dungeon crawls, then it will suck. But it's possible to play Vampire doing nothing but killing. If you get players who are willing to put effort into their characters, and a DM who's willing to develop an interesting setting and a compelling storyline, then you can have a D&D game as engrossing as any other.

I'm at a point now where I really want to play with other groups, if only to see if I'm as good a role-player as I hope I might be. I tend to get really wrapped up in creating characters, with lots of background and everything, but the games my brother runs tend to be very complexly plotted, so we spend so much time trying to figure everything out that we don't interact in character as much as I would like. But maybe that's just my excuse, and I'm not actually that good regardless.

So tell me - what do you prefer? Is it possible to integrate really complex characters with really involved plots? If you had to sacrifice one, which would you give up? How in-character are you able to get? A friend of mine once cried when her character's mentor got killed.