January 13th, 2001



I guess I should do one of these too.

My name is Jamie, I've been a gamer since 5th grade when a friend and I in the Talented and Gifted program decided we didn't want to do the regular assignment and made a RPG instead. Heh. I later cut my teeth on real RPGs with TMNT and ShadowRun. I have been a devout follower of White Wolf for 5 years and am sure my purchases have funded several beach houses.

I play and run primarily Vampire. I adore the politics and testosterone aspect of Werewolf but I have a hard time playing it because people want it to be bubblegum "They Wyrm is our friend" stuff. When running games I have had books, dice, and people thrown at me. I am accused of running the world of inky blackness because I have no mercy and no forgiveness. If you are stupid, you will die.

I think that gaming is a great escape but it worries me that a lot of people see it as a lifestyle.

My main pet peeves of games are:
People who don't RP and only play themselves.
People who want to play "unique characters" that dont fit stereotypes (Street rat Ventrue, violent Children of Gaia, etc) because nobody ever plays the bloody stereotype.
People who think that Malkavians' should be funny. These guys really tick me off. Malkavians are my pet clan and whenever I see someone talking through a sock puppet or dancing like an idiot they usually find themselves in a tremendous amount of pain. Malkavians should be /terrifying/ not comic relief. I've had a Malkavian of mine gather power and then burn the city down to the ground on a whim. I've had a Malkavian crucify a ghoul upside down for disobeying orders. Malkies are crazy, not funny. Um.... anyway.
Cheesy power gamers and people who play one sided gimmick characters also bother me.
People who read the powers but don't read the text about the clan/tribe/etc and then think they can play the character. This ends up giving you rude Camarilla Nosferatu, Bonegnawers that will spit in a Silverfangs face, etc. That's not roleplaying, thats roll-playing.
Rolling dice, playing rock paper scissors, etc. It all bores me and I prefer to deal with things in game.

My current project when I'm not working, with my girlfriend, dealing with real life, etc is:
Co-developing a new game system with a friend of mine. It should be pretty keen.

Current games:
None. Too damn busy and not enough good roleplayers are in town right now. But soon. Soon.
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Hiya! I just joined, and thought I'd just post stuff...

I'm solely a White Wolf role player, spending most of my time playing in an online Sabbat chronicle. Which is always fun, no matter how much I bitch at the STs. My favourite clan would -have- to be the Toreador Antitibu, but I also play 2 Brujah Anti's, a Ventrue Anti, a Anarch Malkavian, a Pander and a Country Gangrel. Yes, I have a lot of characters.

Other than that, I have a Changeling I play badly at the same chats, and a score of ghouls and mortals...

But yeah. That's why I'm here. I do that.

intro to me

'ello... my name Is Devin Jarboe and I am a role-player, not that I get much chance to rp anymore. busy busy.

As far as role-playing goes, I've played dozens of games, but the white wolf system is the only one I keep up with. I have a stack of their books roughly the size a tall midget... can't really say I have a favorite WoD game, but both Hunter and Kindred of the East annoy me quite a bit. I can and have played just about anything, but when I want to play a character more similiar to myself I tend to play malkavian or nos anarchs.

Silly malkavians annoy me, but they annoy most all role-players.

Odd opinion #1: playing yourself as a character can be just as interesting/good rping as playing someone else, if your willing to really explore the changes that would occur in the new setting/situation. I've done both in the past and respect either.

Intro accomplished.

That's all, folks.
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M'name's Gabrielle*. I'm a freeformer on AOL, and I'm such a Changeling nut it's almost not funny.

I've been putting together a Changeling LARP chronicle in the Nashville area (not actually Nashville, my hometown, Dickson).

I've freeformed for 4 years, and just started playing White Wolf last year. White Wolf makes absolutely no sense to me, but I'll get the hang of it soon.

I don't currently RP now because there's no one to play with.... but we'll not get into that.

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