January 12th, 2001


Whee! First Entry

So I set this up because I've seen people talk about gaming a lot on LJ and thought that there should be an outlet for people to discuss games they like, theories on good RPing, and various other things amongst people who understand. Welcome and have fun.
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So I saw the add in the back of Werewolf 3rd ed but have heard next to nothing about it. From what I can tell, White Wolf is doing an "Angels and Demons" game or something. Personally, I think that it will be a mistake. We like the darkness of WoD. When they did Trinity it was ignored. When they did that super hero game of theirs, it was largely ignored. So now they're doing another game like that. It seems like a big mistake.

I liked the concept of Hunter and the rules, but even that flopped. I just suspect that Exalted will follow suit. Any opinions?
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Brief introduction

Well I am trying to bide my time until I leave to go see the Lord of the Rings preview, so I figured I would write a brief introduction. If I am typing, it seems like I am doing something other than just waiting ;)

Currently I am actively playing in an AD&D 2nd Edition campaign set in Galantri. We get in about 3-4 hours of playing once a week, which means it takes a significant amount of time to get some things accomplished.

About once every 2-3 months I also play an evening of Call of Cthulhu. Typically the sessions are in the 6-10 hour range, and are self contained.

It has been a real long time since I have GM/DMed anything, I am happy being a player, and don't really have an interest to actually run stuff.

In the past, I have played a wide variety of role playing systems (and some live action), but have for the most part settled on AD&D 2nd edition and CoC as the systems I am interested in playing. This is mainly because I lack the spare time to learn a new system and remember the differences between that new system and one I am more used to.
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Yeah yeah, I've posted a lot today but I'm bored.

Ok, so here is my issue with Superhero games. I've not seen one run well. I guess it is like DnD that way. The potential is there, but it is squandered. A superhero game should be like Unbreakable. It should be confusing, traumatic, and filled with consequences and betrayals. It shouldn't be like frigging Captain America. (editors note: Jamie hates Captain America almost as much as he hates Superman.) There should be a definate temptation towards selfishness. Come on, if you had super powers wouldn't you be tempted to do things that were totally self serving? I know I would. In fact, I'd probably be an anti-hero. And do you see yourself as human anymore? There are all sorts of issues like that that are never raised or addressed in a superhero game. Often because of flimsy comic book plot lines and cookie cutter characters. ::shrug:: Opinions or thoughts?
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My little introduction


My name is Thomas, and uhm, I'm a geek. Thank you.

I guess the bulk of my gaming experience lies in that World of Darkness that White Wolf keeps putting out. I think I've been giving that company money for about seven years now. I've run games in Vampire, Mage, and even Werewolf. I also do a lot of Vampire LARPs, and even ran one for several months until the metapowergamers destroyed it. But it was fun while it lasted.

I also have played my fair share of Call of Cthulhu, the old Star Wars game, Paranoia, and ran the Rifts world ragged in high school (whenever they put a book out, we killed everyhting in it).

I'm also heavy into the 7th Sea game, though I've never played the RPG, only the ccg. The books are pretty though. And soon enough I'll be playing in and helping to run a Fading Suns LARP here in Santa Cruz, which should be muy fun.

I've never been much of a DnD fan, I think because I'm not too into fantasy, though I like the Dragonlance setting quite a bit. I'm more of a sci-fi and dark fantasy kind of guy, so hence my White Wolf addiction. Just read my user info is you want to know more about me, my fingers are getting sore. hehehe.
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