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Brainstorming for LARP props

So... this weekend is a Camarilla game. And, for character development reasons that are fairly prosaic, my character is providing the IC meeting place. Small supper club, live Sinatra cover band (represented by Johnny iBook and the MP3 Players), blackjack dealt in a back room. Something atmospheric.

Here's what I've got so far:
  • Lights: Those little citronella colored-glass candlebowls, with glowsticks put in for actual illumination.

  • Food: Kosher deli. Bar food (pretzels, snacky things). Bottled root beer.

  • Decor: Tablecloths over desks. The lights. One large desk to serve as the bar/dealers table.

So, what else can I do that's relatively cheap and good for evoking a sense of atmosphere? Anyone wanna help me brainstorm?
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