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Hi, I'm Jon, a 23 year old gamer in the DC area. I have run 2 chronicle LARPs and a one-shot, plus hundreds of tabletop games, though only three of my TT campaigns have actually finished, if you include the Cyberpunk game that will be happening this month to finish that one.

My fav. TT system is the Cyberpunk system because of its simplicity and realism (you can shoot someone and they actually die!) aside from the armor rules (Metal Gear + Skinweave = Sphere of Invulnerability). I used to play tons of D&D but I got out of it in high school when introduced to Mage.

If you're in the DC area, check out Rain Delay - a Mage LARP, or, even if you're not, you can check out the yahoo message board for it anyway. We have a few lurkers from all over the country.

Class: TT/LARP GM (dual class)
Level (years of experience): 11(TT) 5(LARP) same for GMing both
Race: College [grad] Gamer
Alignment:Neutral Good
Genres:Just about all of them except the superhero ones (which includes Rifts and Aberrant). Haven't tried steampunk/deadlands yet, but I want to.
Fav. Style/theme of Play: Mystery
Fav. kind of action scene: Car/horse/broomstick/starfighter chases!
Fav. kind of social scene:Throne wars (political intrigue)
Low-Impact Flaws: Inept: Miniature Games (2), LARPer (1), Can't Get Costumes Right (1), Stubborn (1), Plot Whore (2)
Game-Breaking Merits: Good At Math (2), LARP Troupe Guru (4), Slacker Job (1)
Pet Peeve(s): When systems just ASK for twinking (Fading Suns, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Laws of the Night, AD&D 3rd), and when players cheat. I hate that. I used to do it years ago, until I realized that failing drastically at important things is lots of fun, especially in LARP. Now, I have been known to cheat to make myself fail : )
D&D Character Class of Choice: Cleric
Beer & Pretzels System of Choice: Gamma World (old school, not d20)
Fav. System: Cyberpunk 2020, perhaps Mage, but not for the actual rules
Have you ever written a journal for a character? LARP characters have to, in all the LARPs I've ever played. One TT character I had had a blue book (literally a blue exam book like from back in the day) which turned out to be really cool. I will consider using Livejournal when Rain Delay ends and someone else runs a Mage LARP 'cause it's just a good idea.
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