Marshal Zombie (skylion) wrote in roleplayers,
Marshal Zombie

Any suggestions for conversion

I got the Underworld RPG today from my eBay seller. I want to convert it to Gurps. Anyone have some suggestions? I mean, I have a ton, but your comments are worth it.
Like, the underworld, and the Radiance are varied levels of High Mana. Charms and Rites are basic spells that anyone can use there, cause of that.
The only thing that hangs me up is how to covert some of the breed templates. Well, not the actuall conversion process itself, but how to balance a few of the bigger breeds, and hence higher character point cost, against some of the lower cost breeds. I mean, the Feral breed is just a racial template for an anthropomorphic animal away, tons of that laying around. But the Nomads have immortality, a very high priced Advantage.
Thanks, for stopping by.
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