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Hi folks, this is my first post here. I thought I'd share an somewhat amusing ancedote. My regular AD&D 3rd ed. game finally burned out, and our characters were left in mid-adventure. There was never any closure. So in the world according to me, here is what happened:

Augustus Barracus, the ranger went into semi-retirement and went to go absorb the wisdom and teachings of the Druids. He decided that his calling was to be an ambassador between Druids and those who lived in civilization so that one would never destroy the other.
Augustus practiced this calling for years, and eventually others wanted to help. He founded the "Green Knights", a loose collection of rangers who lived to establish peaceful communication and dispense Nature's law.

Cedric O'Leary, the cleric who worshipped the diety of luck, opened up a casino in town. He also gives sermons in the chapel located within.

Jillian Tealeaf the roguish halfling met with some disaster. Despite her comrades protests that she really shouldn't scout ahead for danger, she kept up the practice. Unfortunately she met up with a barbarian troll who cleaved her in twain with his greataxes. Luckily for her Cedric was able to save her life, unluckily she remained cut in half. She survives as a parapeligic. Driven quite insane from this event she is ensconced at the edges of town in a shelter built for her by Michello the wizard, who also makes sure she keeps clean and fed. Recently, people in times of trouble have approached her for advice, taking her insane ravings as prophetic statements to be puzzled out for enlightenment.

Michello the elven wizard has retired from active adventuring, he runs a shop specilizing in obtaining difficult-to-find spell components and also buys and trades magical items. He has amassed a small fortune, and as stated above takes care of Jillian the Mad Prophet.

Kellen Quinlan continued his adventuring career until he grew very bored with it. He then turned his attention to politics, landholdings, merchanting, and established himself as a rather successful and wealthy bureaucrat. Kellen and Augustus often have discussions relating urban expansion versus maintaining the sanctity of nature. These discussions have yet to come to blows...yet. Even more recently he has taken to hiring young adventurers to clear out land holdings that are being squatted by goblins and such.

Janin established his own sanctuary where he teaches The Path of Righteous Martial Combat to students he deems worthy. No one is quite certain how he keeps the sanctuary financed, but Kellen has discovered that every other year the Winner of the Bloodpits in Southern Adriklankha is a slight but powerfully built masked man who fights with no weapons.
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