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preperation tactics and such

For those of you who GM I was wondering how much preparation yall go through before the game. The GMs Ive had tend to be light on the prep, and heavy on the storyline. Im in the process of tinkering with my campaign and was struck by the fact that I suck at prep. I feel like I havent done anything. All I have are a few core NPCs and a general concept of what I want to do. Do you find that it is best to just design a few NPCs, and a general theme and then go form there, or do you tend to be detail oriented planning things out to the smallest detail. And if so do you run into the problems of inflexibility/railroading due to overplaning? Also, do yall write out descriptions of people/places/settings or just wing it? Im interested in your feedback on what you do and how it works for you, I realize that GMing is all very much a mater of personal preference but it seemed like an interesting question and Im curious. Thanks again.
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