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An Update For My Deadlands Game

Well, with three new players, all coming in on different weekends, I had a difficult time tying them all in. But this is how it went down:

Ted Sorenson & Nixon Eddings joined the party by saying "they had been there all along" Since the party is composed of a group of Collegium-hired bruisers and hucksters, Nixon (played by Erich) is a scientist working for the Collegium himself, and could easily explain that he was the NPC that hadn't done anything yet. Ted (played by Steve) followed a similar route, except he had been hired by the head of the Collegium to keep an eye on Steve Austin (a pre-existing character played by Everett).

Nixon sadly died of the plague within a few hours, and a new character was created by Erich, Neville something-or-other. An ex-CSA soldier headed for Gomorra to make his fortune. He believes he is immortal, and also can't refuse to help people in need. Stumbling upon the party while they were beset by bandits, he helped the priest put a few of the desperadoes down and has since taken to following the party.

Lastly, there's Isabella Starkweather. A queit girl from nearby Shan Fan, delivering medicine to a group of indians just outside of Red Hill. She heard about the local Sheriff being from Gomorra (her final destination) and decided to investigate in town. Discovering that he doesn't plan on being there long, she joined up as a deputy, so whenever he leaves town, she'll leave town.

Actually, I'm expecting all but two of the group's characters to die next week. There is a powerful creature made of shadow in the mansion where Isabella Starkweather and the Sheriff, Steve Austin, are spending the night. Isabella's main huckster ability is Shadow Walk, which will probably automatically fail around this creature. Annie Barlow, a frustrated saloon gal, is currently being possessed by the creature to go back into town and kill one the important NPCs, who is being left unguarded because Father Guillame and Neville something-or-other are heading for the mansion to stake it out. The only other PC is Ted Sorenson, who has his own particular dementia taking hold of his brain so that he's going to set fire to the jail as soon as nobody is around (there was nobody around when we ended the last session).

What I expect to happen: the shadow-creature will kill Isabella and Steve, Annie will go back into town and kill the NPC Harold, the other NPC with the party Pierre will kill her and then go try to find the Sheriff, will run into Ted destroying the jail and kill him. Father Gullaime and Neville s-o-o will not find anything interesting going on at the mansion and head back to town and find out about the mayhem caused by Ted and Annie. When the townsfolk decide to accuse the three of them for destroying their last remnant of hope, they will flee back to Gomorra or be caught and lynched.
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