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Ah, the wonders of the RP universe. . .

Hay y'all! Just joined up with you, and thought I'd throw out an introduction.

My names AngelFeathers (Or Adgee, or Engel, depending on what you prefer) and I have been heavily into role-playing for. . . well, a really long time. As for online role-playing, I pretty much started out in the WBS chat rooms (The Star Wars Cantina -- anyone remember those good old days?). My next move was to AOL, then. . . Well, I've branched out as much as I can, now. Mostly I role-play on AIM nowadays,a and I could definitely use some new partners. If you're interested, send me an IM (to angeifeathers) or e-mail me at hlaoroo@lodoss.org. I'll RP most anything, as long as it's not blatantly sex-related.

Well, good enough for a first post, hunh?

Thanks y'all
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