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It has begun

Finally got the Realms game off the ground the other night, and things look promising. I'll not pester all and sundry with the details, so the curious may follow the magic link...

We ended up with 5 players: A Human Rogue-Rowan, A half-elven Ranger-Keri, A Dwarven Paladin-Thorgar, A Drow Cleric of Elistraee(sp?)-Tebren, and a Moon Elf Sorcerer-Darbin. They began the game in the city of Marsember, a trade town on the coast of Cormyr. On the day of License Renewal, they were all at the hall of records, most of them to update their travel papers to remain in the Kingdom another year, when the building exploded. A Lightning Bolt tore the building down and sent rock, paperwork, and heroes flying every direction. They picked themselves up to find undead pouring from the harbor, attempting to invade the city. Being good heroes, they took on the undead raiding party and quickly vanquished it (The 4th level Cleric being of some small help there!). The Purple Dragons took down a report in the aftermath and they went their seperate ways after a few parting shots from the Moon Elf at the Drow.

The next day, they are summoned one and all to appear at City Hall. There they find not the Lord of Marsember, but the Steel Regent herself, accompanied by Luminaries from most of the good Kingdoms of the Heartlands, as well as a representative from the Red Wizards of Thay (who have an enclave in the city). There they learn the horrid truth. The undead strike the day prior was just a scouting party. Someone of Warlock's Keep went out to the Fields of the Dead and raised up the endless numbers of bodies that have been left there over time. Then they marched mercilessly across the Heartlands, and have gotten as far as the Stonelands. Unable to repulse the huge numbers of the horde through normal military means, the War Council is following the advice of Khelben Arunsen and sending some chosen heroes to a lost city, built jointly by the Elves and Dwarves in the Earthspur Mountains in the time before Cormanthor became Myth Drannor. There they can find an Artifact Anvil which, supposedly, has the power to annihilate undead by the legion. The Red Wizards of Thay offer to outfit the heroes with anything they might desire (an offer only accepted by 3 members of the party, clever devils...) and they set forth via a teleportation spell. They have a return trip teleport, but it's one use and it will take the part and anything they are touching so someone has to lay hands on the anvil. They spent a few days climbing the mountain to reach the city and the adventure stopped with them just arriving at the Elven Ruins and hiding in what used to be the Servants' quarter. The ruins are crawling with orcs and goblinoids, and they must work their way across town and down into the Dwarfhold in order to reach the Anvil. All this and they're still not exactly comfortable with each other: The Ranger, who works for Cormyr, does not trust the Sembian, moneylender, the Moon Elf doesn't trust the Drow, and the Dwarf thinks they're all nuts. All in all, a good start.

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