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meant to post this here awhile ago, instead I accidentally posted it to my own journal

I've got some new players coming into my game, so the role-playing problems might correct themselves in a few weeks, but I have a minor problem that needs a solution quickly

Let me set the stage:

1- the current PCs are located in a semi-isolated town whose population has been decimated by a seriously deadly plague

2- the current PCs are in the town because they are all in the service of a group of scientists called the Collegium, they have to protect the life of a Dr. Harold Topper, who insists on staying in the town and rebuilding both the morale of the villagers and the flow of traffic through the town, and won't leave until it's finished to his (my) satisfaction

3- the new players are making new characters

How do I integrate characters whose origins are from outside of the town and still give them a good reason to stay and help out, instead of flee from the plague (which is still raging)?

NOTES: having the Collegium send them is impossible because the PCs haven't told the Collegium where they are
this is a Deadlands campaign, set primarily in California and the Great Maze
visit to see more

Any players of my game should not read the comments to this entry or else they will spoil the plotline of my adventure.

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