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Manx dont read this as it contains allusions to spoilers
Ok, so I thought I was going to bed but the Mountain Dew is coursing through my vanes and I dont think I could remain still long enough to fall asleep. Well, on to my question. It has recently fallen on me, due to our usual GMs burnout, to cobble together a campaign idea that I have been thinking about for quite some time. (I have a week and a half to at least get the first part of it done, so I am working on a rather tight deadline)My friends insist on calling it an evil campaign, whilst I consider it an alternative ethics campaign. I am planing on it being fairly low magic with a gritty,ruthless,dark feel. The characters are will start off fairly weak and get caught up in a power struggle not of their own making (the reactive part of the campaign). The plan after that is to have them, over the course of time, develop in power and prestige to the point where they might be calling the shots and deciding what they want to do (the proactive part). I have an idea of where I want it to go, but of course I am always open to new and innovative ideas and comments. So I ask this, have you ever played a campaign with characters who were not what you would call morally upstanding, and if so how did it work? In addition, is there any advice you can give me on its conduct or things that worked particularly well for you? Were there any easily overlooked and avoided pitfalls? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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