vertebrata (peebishness) wrote in roleplayers,

Hey. If anyone is familiar with the d20/Wizards of the coast D&D system, could you please explain ghosts to me? I intend to make one for a quest I'm working on, but the monster manual only gave me some information.

Basically, I'm curious as to how much they can deal with the physical/material plane. When they are manifested, I am aware that their ethereal weapons must have an enchantment of at least +1 in order to deal physical damage, and I know that they have limited telekinesis, but can they actually pick up/manipulate physical objects without the telekinesis? Can they touch people without utilizing their touch weapon? Can they cast spells? Can they talk without utilizing the Moan? Furthermore, do they maintain their class skills/feats from life?

The character I intend to create is a deceased aristocrat who would play a key role as helpful NPC in the investigation of her own murder/eventual tagalong to the PC's in later quests. I would love to know what all she could do.
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