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Saying Hello

Well, I've been lurking a bit here and just thought I'd finally say hello.

I have been playing RPGs with varying levels of seriousness and discipline for about 22 years or so, and have played a large number of game systems, including (but not limited to) D&D, AD&D (all three editions), Star Trek (FASA, LUG, GURPS, and others), Star Wars (WEG and WOTC), Twilight 2000, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Heroes (1st-3rd Edition), Brave New World, Rolemaster, Guardians, Price of Freedom, Dune (okay, I haven't oplayed it, but I got the rulebook...), Champions, most of the World of Darkness games, and probably a bunch more I've forgotten...

Never done any LARPs (nor do I plan to), and the same goes for CCGs and partial CCGs (read anything on the SAGA system). :)

Currently I am running a LUG Trek game every other Thursday and playing in a Rolemaster adaptation of Starget SG-1 every other Sunday. I would play more, but domestic and professional concerns prevent it (I have to work, but also have a wife and kid...) :)

Well, I may rear my head again soon, but felt I should take this interlude to make introductions. Don't have too much fun.... :)
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