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Misconceptions in Vampire!

Often one of the hardest things in going from a modern day VtM game to a VtDA is fighting the misconception that we all know to be true. Take for example the whole running water thing for vampires; in the modern world even the most cruel and deprived storyteller wouldnt submit a character to this odd flaw. (I hope!) But as a storyteller myself playing in the dark ages all bets are off! Anything can be a deterrent or flaw to the will of a vampire. So this is where Ill begin one of the funniest stories in my dark ages chronicle!

My characters after leaving the convention of thorns (yea I know that this does not take place in the Dark Ages but bear with me for a moment more!) if anyone has played this story or ran it you know that the aftermath the Sabbat leave in its wake is tremendous indeed. Well my P.C.s who made it to England from Transylvania are going back with no map (yea, I said no map, trust me it gets worse!) and are following right behind the Sabbat! So naturally each town they come to in the Sabbats wake becomes less and less hospitable! Until finally being able to travel no more (GM intervention to make these morons get a map, or so I hoped!) my players decide to rob the nearest general purpose store. As you can bet things go bad and the P.C.s get caught red handed. But in their flight, they cant help but notice that most of the towns people are already up and about looking for more blood drinking devils (is this a clue to get lost or what!) as the town was just terrorized a few hours ago. (did I mention the Sabbat?) Instead of leaving right away, or paying for a map, or getting a retainer to get the map, or any other countless ways of handling this better, my characters decide to investigate! Jumping from roof top to roof top the P.C.s are noticed and stand there in righteous indignity, as the towns people are obviously to ignorant to climb the roof.
Well luckily for the characters the towns people didnt climb the rooftops as to not give chase to these devils. INSTEAD! The towns people throw garlic and wooden stakes at them. Now you and me both know that this shouldnt hurt a modern vampire right! WRONG! This is the Dark Ages (did I mention all bets were off) the time before reason, and defiantly the time before anyone knew to duck garlic blessed with holy water.
Obviously this was a surprise to the P.C.s as their clothing and skin start to get hot and then finally blisters in to small bits of flame. (Was i naughty, hells yes! but get the point next time that no vampire, even those important enough to be invited to the Conventions of Thorns are never above an ass kickin from even the dumbest creatures!) If you could have heard the pre-eminence of the charters. Look at these little mortals throwing their puny little garlic, oh, oh, ooooh, holy shit this stuff stings, what the fuck! hands down this was one of the funniest moments in our gaming sessions. (Besides one of my players losing an important dice role while hunting a Billy goat and gets head butted off the side of the Carpathian Mountains.) But in the end the P.C.s learned a very valuable lessen and eventually got back to Transylvania. (A year and a half later! Still no map!)

So tell me has anyone had funny mishaps in their games? (either storytelling or playing)

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