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How's this for an idea?

I created a list of 20 obscure words. If the players in my game (Deadlands) ever use one of the words while role-playing with an NPC, I give them an experience award (in Deadlands terminology, 3 bounty points). I'm hoping it will promote the idea of talking and communicating with an NPC that the players might otherwise be inclined to shoot upon first meeting.

I run Deadlands more like a Cthulhu campaign, truly villainous people are usually the least likely you'd suspect of being part of a baby-sacrificing cult, and there's never any negotiation with creatures that are obviously monsters.

I orginally got the idea from playing Grand Theft Auto 3. Throughout GTA 3 there are 100 hidden packages, for every 10 that you collect, your character gets a weapon deposited at his hideout. If you haven't played GTA, let's just say that having a weapon at your hideout is the equivalent of having an unlimited supply of that weapon. I wanted to incorporate something like this into my RPG sessions, but I want to coerce my players into speaking before shooting, instead of exploring the environment.

Comments? Ideas? Opinions?
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