Skurtchasor (skurtchasor) wrote in roleplayers,

There appear to be some strange things going on, just want to keep everybody in the loop.

1. There were a few posts in moderator quarantine...some within the past few days, some within the past few years. Was unaware that they would appear according to release date rather than post date, otherwise I would have just left them in the queue.

2. It appears that the community now has open membership but moderated posts, which means I have to approve post on a case-by-case basis. I'm not entirely happy with this arrangement (see this post for details), but it wasn't my call, and at least it will enable blocking any new spam. So if you don't see your post right away, be patient, I'll get there.

3. As much as I would love to delete the old spam, I can't do so until/unless our founder decides to level up my powers. If we can up the traffic here just a little bit, said spam will scroll off into oblivion.
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