Trooper6 (trooper6) wrote in roleplayers,

RPGs in the Internet Dominion (Critical Role, Titansgrave)

Hello All,

So I know that we've been pretty low traffic for a while. So I thought I throw out a post and see if it inspired some chatter.

I've been watching Geek and Sundry's two RPGs. Critical Role (live streamed on Twitch) which features a bunch of famous voice actors playing D&D 5e, and Titansgrave which is an edited webshow of Wil Wheaton GMing a system based off of the one used for the Dragon Age RPG.

I've really been enjoying both shows and I'm pretty excited that they might be introducing table top to a younger more internet-reared audience.

Has anyone else been watching? Do you all have any thoughts? Any things you've learned from them? Any comments on them?
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