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Gamers and Webcomics Crossover Issue!

Here's an idea I had to post to the community.  I know it isn't as active as it has been in the past (and I am guilty of being AWOL from LJ for weeks at a time as well), but maybe a fun post will liven things up.

Here's the rules:

1) think of a favorite webcomic that you follow that would make a fun tabletop RPG campaign

2) share with the class.  Name, author, website, brief synopsis (no spoilers!), etc.

3) Post a few ideas of how PCs may fit into such a campaign

I'll start. My first nomination is Abby Howard's The Last Halloween.  In this webcomic, horrific, murderous monsters overrun the world, slaughtering every human they can find.  Our heroine, befriended by a very unlikely group of misfits, reluctantly becomes embroiled in finding out why...

There's a few ways a DM could go with this.  The most obvious is, PCs are humans who get caught up in this carnage- either trying to find out what's going on and how to stop it, or just trying to survive.  Or maybe the PCs are secret agents along the lines of the BPRD who get wind of the impending invasion and try to stop it- or minimize damage once it happens.  But I think it would be fun to play a group of monster PCs, who have banded together not just to kill humans, but to protect themselves against other monsters...

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