Candice (girl_next_dork) wrote in roleplayers,

Please recommend to me a podcast of actual roleplaying sessions. I have run through the Penny Arcade WOTC podcasts too many times to count and need something to listen to at work while I am doing factory job type things. I've poked around a little bit but Knife Errant feels too polished and some others spend waaaay too much time doing inside jokes, talking about their days, etc.

I totally have a crush on Chris Perkins, BTW. The NPC voices, the smarm, the fair DMing. Sigh. Perhaps I have been spoiled by listening to him so much.

Here are my criteria for a podcast.
- Decent sound quality (no clipping, and recorded with a decent mic; you wouldn't mind hearing it through earbuds for 8 hours)
- Players have a good sense of humor and make geeky references without the jibber-jabber taking up the whooole show

I'd love to know what y'all listen to!
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