Diary of a B+ Grade Polymath (tcpip) wrote in roleplayers,
Diary of a B+ Grade Polymath

The Never Ending Search for Obscure Old Roleplaying Games

I prize my two copies of first edition RuneQuest, my OCE white box D&D, my signed copies of Jeffrey Dillow's High Fantasy, I feel a strange sense of wonder at Metamorphosis Alpha, and at least once a year one of the gaming groups I'm in will play Bunnies & Burrows (on Easter, natch).

I've player Tunnels & Trolls solo adventures with characters from Monsters! Monsters!, and hacked En Garde!, watched in wonder as people actually claimed to play first edition Chivalry and Sorcery (still love the material as a sourcebook, although it's bloody hard to read), laughed myself silly at the creatures in Star Patrol, expressed disdain at Superhero 2044, and was sorely disappointed with Arduin Adventure. I encourage use of Swordbearer at numerous opportunities.

But where oh where, can I even find a seventh generation poorly scanned copy of Realm of Yolmi, Spawn of Fashan, or even All-Adventure Action Roleplay Game!?

The quest goes on in strange online stores, forgotten bookstores, and even opportunity shops. It's gaming archaeology for hidden ancient treasures.

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