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Crowndsourcing Part III: Good Guys, Bad Guys, or Bad Guys Who Think They're Good Guys?

If y'all remember the previous 'crowdsourcing RPG' threads I posted earlier, you will recall that I had the idea of throwing out a general premise for a campaign I wanted to run and letting others shape the particulars.  It went pretty well overall, but I'm too damn lazy to link back to them.

My original idea was for the PCs to be mystical  supernatural heroes, who were returning to a world devastated by nuclear war (or some other horrendous global disaster) to fix it.  The problem was, magic had faded over time and thus they returned a bit too late to stop the disaster as they thought they would.  The one question I have unresolved is about a tweak that someone (don't remember who- I've slept since then) mentioned regarding the PCs.  An old gaming / MU* buddy I was taking to about the crowdsourcing really loved it.  I present the issue to you for one more round of crowdsourcing the campaign.

Here's the issue: what if the PCs weren't heroes in the past at all, but villains?  Maybe they think they were heroes, but in reality they were either being manipulated or their faction was simply the lesser of two evils.  Maybe history looks back on their deeds and considers them monsters when they really weren't.  Maybe the Gods (tm) are giving them a chance to redeem themselves.  I admit I'm not at all sure how this idea would work or how to pull it off, but that's why I'm posing the question here. What do y'all think?  Does this idea sound interesting?  If so, how might I as GM fool the players into thinking their characters were the good guys, but in-game slowly reveal that they were not at all?  And wouldn't this mean that either their traditional nemesis was either the real good guy, or waaaay worse than them?
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