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Night of the Meatheads

So my roommate and I are jointly working on a game to run at OwlCon this February.  The idea we had that my roommate has absolutely fallen in love with is Night of the Meatheads (or maybe Revenge of the Meatheads, which I like better).  While we don't have an actual plot together yet, we know we want to do something a) supernatural b) modern-day, and c) comedic.  The general gist is, a bunch of 'meathead' type characters from modern-era (say, 1970s and on) supernatural movies or TV shows come together to fight some great supernatural evil (with hilarious results, of course).

The problem is: we're having trouble thinking of meatheads.

Maybe I should explain what we mean by 'meathead'. A meathead for the purposes of this game is simply an action hero who is either not especially bright, not especially subtle, or both. So far we have as possible candidates:

- the Winchester brothers from Supernatural (they're not very subtle)
- Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China
Ash from the Evil Dead series
George Nada from They Live
Brock fucking Samson from The Venture Brothers

We need at least 6 but no more than 8 characters. Any ideas?

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