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So excited. But so sad. But so excited.

So I'm running a D&D 4e game right now. We started back on Labour Day weekend in 2009, so it's been over three years now. The characters are 29th level, and I estimate that we have two (2!!) game sessions left in the campaign. They will likely get through the next two encounters next session, and then it's the endgame.

It really is very much like nearing the end of an exceptionally good book. Part of you wants to push through and read straight to the end, because EXCITING and OMG and I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. On the other hand, you kind of want to put it down frequently becuase you just don't want it to be over yet. You want to savour every page and every word and every last comma.

That's pretty much exactly where I am with this game. I'm excited to finally see the characters reach 30th level, face their long-time nemesis, and achieve (or decline) their Epic Destinies. We've been building these characters for almost three and a half years. This is what they were made for. It's SO exciting to finally see everything come to fruition.

But on the other hand, the ending will be very bittersweet. We've all gotten so attached to the characters and so IN to all their heads. There have been marriages and children and long-lost loves reuinited and brand-new loves discovered. The characters have risen to leadership roles and changed the face of the world. They've shaped the very land, created and destroyed kingdoms, and fulfilled and thwarted ancient prophesies.

It will be hard to say good-bye. But my players have already created the next generation of characters, and I can't wait to start it all over again!

Besides, it's not good-bye forever. What's the fun of acheiving Epic Destinies and becoming immortals if you don't get a cameo or two in the next campaign? :)
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